1. How soon do I expect the service to start after I have made the payment?

– Once payment receives our customer support will contact you to verify the payment latest in 1 hour time.

2. What is your guarantee?

– We guarantee that you will see at least a minimum of 90% winning rate upon completion of the service. We will replace any tips for you without demand if it falls below the guaranteed percentage. About us. 


3. Are the records shown on your website genuine?

– Yes, definitely. We have been and will be in this business for a long term, therefore we adhere to very strict guidelines of honesty in all our records. Furthermore, we have members receiving our games every day, therefore, they would act as our “police” to guard against any mistakes we made accidentally.


4. Do you offer any Free Trials?

– Sorry, we do not offer a free trial after the first month since our website has been published. We have a large membership base and members are increasing every day from all over the world. We simply do not have extra time to create another mailing list for a free trial. Why? 


5. What is your success rate?

– The reason that you are reading this right now is that you’ve lost a lot of money to your bookies. If you put aside all doubts and join us now, you will stop losing money to your bookies, and when you stop losing, winning becomes natural!


6. How do I receive the tips?

– All tips are sent by both WhatsApp and email, to make 100% sure delivery to all our members. There is no need for our members to wait to check the tips.


7. What payment methods do you accept?

– We accept PayPal, Skrill, Western Union, Moneygram, Ria, Airtm, Payeer, M-pesa.


8. More questions are not answered above?

– Please be free to contact us.